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Nobody on the Planet Does What we Do - The Way we Do it! Founded in 2000 by some of the sharpest media minds in Europe; Argus produces a diversified portfolio of multi-channel news titles covering:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Defence Technology,
Corporate Security,
Cyber & Geo Crime,
Climate & Renewables 
European Oil & Gas
Space & Satellite Technology ... 

Argus News Group - Independent News Media

About the Argus News Network

ARGUS News Network is a content led, subscription based news and media networking business based in Gibraltar.

We connect our high-value networks of individually named and profiled Influencers & Decision Makers across Industry and Governments worldwide to some of the World´s Leading Corporate Brands & Manufacturers via our Portfolio of Market Leading News Media - Online, NewsApp, PRWire, Digital & LiveStream® 

The Legend of Argus Panoptes

Argus Panoptes was a many-eyed giant in Greek mythology. The figure is known for having spawned the saying "the eyes of Argus", as in to be "followed by", "trailed by" or "watched by" the eyes. The saying is used to describe being subject to strict scrutiny in one´s actions to an invasive, distressing degree.

The monstrous entity has been either directly or indirectly alluded to in a wide variety of works influenced by Greco-Roman thought over the past several centuries.

Multi-channel News Distribution

Online News Networks

We operate a portfolio of fully interactive News Networks broadcasting Online and via NewsApp delivering Breaking & Daily News across eight key sectors reflecting our editorial, commercial or operational expertise to in excess of 1.8m subscribers worldwide ...

PR Wire

Our PRWire Networks deliver our client´s Breaking News & Corporate Intelligence to our Networks of highly targeted, named and profiled Corporate Leaders across industry, bona-fide News gatherers & Industry Analysts across a variety of
sectors ...

Digital Magazines

Utilising state of the art systems & technology we augment our Web & PR Wire Channels with a complimenting Portfolio of subscriber-led, fully interactive Digital magazines. 2020 has seen us share this technology with several media producers ...


Our proprietary LiveStream™
Broadcast delivery ensures bespoke, real-time News covering AI, Regime, Corporate Security, Macroeconomic, Technology, Manufacturing, Energy, Climate, Cybercrime, Military and Terrorism matters ...

Featured Digital Magazines 2021

Geo´ - Geopolitical News, Intelligence & Risk-Analysis
Defence & Security Review
Corporate Security
CarbØ - Working towards a renewable World

To discuss any part of our operations or to propose either a media joint-venture, project funding or technology support send an email to our corporate management team.

Argus News Network
Our Media Portfolio
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Geopolitics, 
  • Defence Technology, 
  • Corporate Security, 
  • Cyber & Geo Crime,
  • Climate & Renewables 
  • European Oil & Gas
  • Space & Satellite Technology

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