Top 10 Affordable Countries to Visit in Europe in 2023

Plan a budget-friendly vacation in Europe by visiting one of the top 10 affordable countries listed: Hungary, Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania,

Looking to travel to Europe this year but on a budget? You're in luck! Despite being known for its high prices, Europe still offers a variety of destinations where you can experience its rich culture, history, and beautiful landscapes without breaking the bank. Here are the top 10 affordable countries to visit in Europe in 2023.

Top 10 Affordable Countries to Visit in Europe in 2023

Here are the top 10 most affordable European countries you can visit in 2023. Learn more about them.

1. Hungary

Hungary is central Europe's most affordable country. Hungary is well-known for its thermal baths. It has one of Europe's largest natural hot spring spa complexes and is open year round.

Cost of Accommodation: A private room in a 3- to 4-star hotel in Budapest costs between $60 and 90 per night. There are also cheaper options, such as a dorm or shared room at $16 per night.

Transportation Costs: The cheapest option for transportation is public transport. A monthly bus ticket costs $24 and it takes about 20 minutes.

Food Cost: An average meal for two costs $5.49. A more expensive dinner can cost up to $25.04 (regardless of whether it's in a high-end or mid-range restaurant).

The top destinations in Hungary are:

Buda Castle and The Danube River.

2. Portugal

Surprisingly, Portugal's Azores Islands and Madeira are on everyone's bucket list. These stunning subtropical islands are worth a visit. The best part is that Portugal is one of Europe's most affordable countries. Portugal is a great country for enjoying beautiful beaches and good weather while still saving money.

Cost of Accommodation: Double rooms in 3-star hotels can be found for as low as $11 per Night. For $51, you can also find 4-star hotel rooms.

Transport Costs: A one-way ticket costs $1.60 and a monthly pass $41.

Cost of food: A meal at a restaurant is about $8. However, a meal at Mcdonalds or another fast-food restaurant can cost you $6. If you are looking to save some money, it is worth searching for restaurants near tourist attractions.

Top destinations in Portugal:

Visit these tourist hot spots when you're in Portugal:

Braga (Porto, Sintra) (there are many beautiful castles in

3. Slovenia

Slovenia is the perfect destination for budget travelers. Slovenia is a more affordable destination than nearby countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Switzerland.

Cost of Accommodation: The average accommodation cost in Slovenia is $38-$96. Hostel dorms tend to be cheaper at around $11-15 per person and no more.

Cost of transportation: If you use public transport frequently, consider buying a valid ticket for a longer period. A monthly bus ticket costs $15. It is important to always have your ticket with you as it can be a violation of the law to ride on the bus without one.

Cost of food: You can choose from a variety of cuisines at prices between $12-15. You can get a Mcdonalds meal for $6 if you are on a budget.

These are the top destinations in Slovenia:

Ljubljana. Ljubljana.

4. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is not only one of Europe's most affordable countries but also one of the most beautiful places you could visit. You will have a great time, no matter if you visit the mountains or parks of Bulgaria, or go east to the beaches.

Cost of accommodation: A place can be found for as low as $14 per night. For $36, you can get a 4-star hotel.

Transportation costs: The majority of the country can be connected by rail and road services. Public transport depends on these services. A monthly ticket for public transportation costs $18.19.

Cost of food: Food prices can be affordable no matter where you eat. Fast food restaurants will charge $5 for a sandwich and $8 for a main meal.

Top destinations in Bulgaria:

Burgas is the biggest and most vibrant city of the country, Bansko (the most sought-after destination for skiing and snowboarding) and Plovdiv (2nd largest city in Bulgaria).

5. Romania

Romania is another European country that offers beautiful destinations and a wide range of activities at an affordable cost. It became a popular tourist destination in Eastern Europe a few years back. Tourists and visitors are equally delighted by the low cost of Romania.

Hostel dorms cost only $10 per night. Romanians are known for their hospitality and high quality service.

Cost of public transport: The majority of Romanians rely on buses, trains and light rail networks for their public transportation. A bus ride costs $0.30 and a monthly pass $16.52.

Cost of food: A meal at a cheap restaurant in Bucharest costs $6.61. However, a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant costs around $14.45. This means you need to consider where you are going and what type of restaurant it is.

Top Romanian destinations include

Bran Castle and The Old Town (The whole town is surrounded with museums that date back hundreds and years ago), Transylvanian Alps, (the mountains are perfect for nature lovers and hikers),

6. Slovakia

Slovakia is one of Europe's most affordable countries to visit. Perhaps because it has not yet been discovered by many tourists. It is only a matter time, however, as Slovakia is filled with gems.

Prices for Accommodation: In general, accommodation prices are very reasonable. A great place can be found for $10 per night. It includes a modern, air-conditioned room with Wi-Fi and all other private amenities. The cost for a place rated 4.45 stars can be as low at $30, which is quite affordable compared to European standards.

Transport Costs: Buses are the cheapest and most convenient way to travel around Slovakia. Locals also depend on tramways and trains.

Food Cost: An average meal at an affordable restaurant will cost you $6. A meal for two at a more expensive restaurant will cost you about $30.

These are the top destinations in Slovakia:

Bratislava (Orava Castle), Domica Cave (the most beautiful and popular cave).

7. Moldova

Moldova is one of the most well-known European countries for its wine. While tourists are always looking for places less crowded and more well-known, Moldova has yet to be discovered. The country also preserves its cultural and historical heritage.

Accommodation costs: The prices for accommodation in Moldova are lower than those in other countries, particularly in Western Europe. You can only find $5 per night accommodation in the capital cities. A 5-star hotel costs $150 for those who want a more luxurious stay, while a 2-star hotel is about $30.

Cost of transportation: Prices can vary from one city to the next. A single ticket for public transport costs $0.48 in Tiraspol or Bender, while it costs $0.41 at Chisinau.

Cost of food: Most meals in Moldovan restaurants are less than $10. A bottle of Moldovan wine, one of the best in the world, is about $12.

Top destinations in Moldova

Chisinau Cricova winery in Transnistria.

8. Estonia

Estonia is unique and doesn't need to be fought for its independence. Its capital Tallinn has been designated as a UNESCO protected Old Town. This attracts European tourists. This enchanting area is now one of the most beautiful cities on the continent. Estonia's unpopulated countryside and vast tracts forest provide spiritual sustenance for urban dwellers who are drawn to the outdoors.

Top destinations

Tallinn, Narva River, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and many other places.

9. Montenegro

Montenegro lies at the border between the east and west. These beautiful mountains are dotted with the most stunning scars left by the collisions and smashing of many civilizations. Montenegro's rich cultural heritage can be viewed from Venetian stone walls and vibrantly painted Orthodox monasteries. They also have Roman floor mosaics, minimalist mosque minarets and ornate Catholic churches. There are also flat socialist-style structures.

Top destinations

Budva. Njegos Mausoleum. Kotor.

Budget: Approximately $82 per day

10. Belarus

Belarus has been a popular destination for tourists since long. This surge is due to the ease of visa procedures, vibrant cafes, and friendly locals. Minsk, the capital, is known for its vibrant nightlife, outstanding collection of Stalin-era structures, and top-notch museums.

Top destinations

Nesvizh. Mir Castle Complex. Brest Fortress.


Your vacation will be a success in all the top European countries with affordable prices and all their wonderful features. It will be a great choice to spend your summer vacation in any of these countries, especially in the summer. These are unique, affordable countries that you can visit to enjoy the best of what they have.

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