GKS-Global Korean Scholarship

Explore the transformative Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) backed by the Republic of Korea. Unveil its diverse programs, generous benefits, and global

 GKS-Global Korean Scholarship

The Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) stands as a beacon of educational opportunity and cultural exchange, backed by the esteemed government of the Republic of Korea. Administered by the National Institute for International Education under the Ministry of Education, this scholarship program embodies a commitment to fostering global understanding and collaboration.

Unveiling the GKS Scholarship

The GKS Scholarship, initiated in 2010, consolidated various government-sponsored scholarships into a unified platform. Its noble objective is to facilitate profound connections between the Republic of Korea and nations worldwide through educational exchanges and the mobilization of human resources, thereby contributing significantly to international harmony and cooperation.\

A Focus on Development Assistance

With a specific focus on developing countries, the GKS Scholarship extends software-oriented development assistance in education. This dynamic approach underscores the Korean government's dedication to propelling global progress through knowledge-sharing and skill enhancement.

Diverse Programs Under GKS

GKS encompasses several invitational programs that extend a welcoming hand to bright minds worldwide. Some of the notable programs include:

1. Korea Government Scholarship
A gateway to academic excellence, this program offers international students the opportunity to pursue undergraduate degrees in Korea. The scholarship extends its reach to master's and Ph.D. levels, underscoring its commitment to fostering expertise and academic growth.

2. Global Korea Scholarship Summer Program
Designed for students hailing from Africa or Latin America, this immersive program offers intensive academic training along with an authentic experience of Korean culture. The aim is to nurture future global leaders who can contribute positively to international affairs.

3. Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)
Tailored for international students aspiring to achieve a Bachelor’s, master's, or Ph.D. degree in Korea, the KGSP is a fully funded endeavor. It not only equips students with advanced degrees but also emphasizes language proficiency and the development of a global network.

Benefits of the KGSP

The KGSP provides a comprehensive array of benefits, including:

  1. Airfare coverage
  2. Tuition fee support
  3. Resettlement allowance
  4. Medical and living allowances
  5. Research funding
  6. Scholarship completion grant (excluding settlement in Korea)
  7. Medical insurance
  8. Language training support

Global Impact: Scholarship Distribution

With an impressive reach, the GKS Scholarship has touched the lives of 1,276 beneficiaries from 153 countries. Annually, approximately 170 outstanding applicants are honored with these prestigious awards.

The Enriching Summer Program

An integral part of GKS, the summer program spans five immersive weeks and welcomes 80 participants – 40 each from Africa and Latin America. Universities nominate potential participants, whose profiles are meticulously reviewed by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED), an executive agency within the Ministry of Education.

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective participants should meet the following criteria:

  1. Citizenship in an African or Latin American country
  2. Enrollment in the 2nd to 4th year of college
  3. Proficiency in English (priority to those fluent in Korean)
  4. Mental and physical well-being
  5. Willingness to embrace Korean culture

Selection Process

The selection process hinges on various factors, including:

  • GPA
  • Proficiency in English or Korean
  • Personal statement
  • Recommendation letter

Inclusive Benefits of the Summer Program

The summer program offers an inclusive package, including:

  1. Round-trip airfare from home country to Korea
  2. Accommodation and meals
  3. Traveler's insurance


The Korea Global Scholarship embodies the Republic of Korea's commitment to fostering educational growth and cross-cultural connections. With generous funding and a robust support system, this scholarship opens doors for international students to embark on a transformative academic journey in Korea.


Q1: What is the Global Korean Scholarship (GKS)?

A1: GKS is a government-backed scholarship by the Republic of Korea, aimed at promoting international education and fostering global connections.

Q2: What programs are available under GKS?

A2: GKS offers diverse programs, including the Korea Government Scholarship, Global Korea Scholarship Summer Program, and the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP).

Q3: What benefits does the KGSP offer?

A3: The KGSP provides comprehensive benefits, including airfare, tuition coverage, living allowances, research support, and medical insurance.

Q4: Who is eligible for the GKS summer program?

A4: Students from African or Latin American countries, currently enrolled in the 2nd to 4th year of college, can participate in the GKS summer program.

Q5: How are participants selected for the summer program?

A5: Selection is based on factors like GPA, language proficiency, personal statement, and recommendation letters.

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