Hotel Acoustic Proof Fabric Decorative Acoustic Absorbing Sound Wall Panels for Home Cinema

FabricAcousticPanels provides sound baffles for building construction and is proficient in managing each project with the highest quality according to plan and budget. We have also passed international certificate including ISO9001:2008/GB/T9001:2008 issued. We are committed to create better Human-oriented building. The perfect combination of acoustics and art is our direction.

Our products have won a good reputation among customers of interior construction companies, construction-minded consulting firms, architectural builders companies, etc. InteriorQVDesign is a well-known real estate company in Aurangabad, providing real estate agents in Aurangabad, interior design services in Maharashtra, and India Provide real estate loan consultants. HHYB has established a niche in the minds of customers through numerous high-quality residential and commercial buildings located in Mangalore and Bangalore in Karnataka and North Malaba. SWQGP is a trusted company in Sydney, providing a full range of quality services for commercial and residential construction, paint work and renovation services at a competitive price. EngineeringCDesign is a market-leading company that provides complete design, development and installation solutions for energy-saving building envelopes with high-level architecture and engineering.

Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels Made in China Factory Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board 9mm Thk

In the past few years, 30% of our products have been exported to Poland, Canada, Philippines, Denmark, Vanuatu, Uruguay, United States, Australia, Italy, Finland, Togo, Gibraltar, Equatorial Guinea, and so on.

We are currently exploring a new brand and have set up a business plan to market a unique product: the fabric wrapped acoustic panel in the shape of a hexagon. This product will be sold in different colors, and allows people to decorate their living space while improving the room acoustics. Not only will we meet the needs of customers, we are also dedicated to create a demand for this product. Our target groups are households and small businesses.

We are a company with 240 locations in Europe. We are active in the acoustics industry. Can you please send us samples of all colors as well as a purchase price list?

I am the Technical Sales Developer from Amadeus Acoustics Solutions, UK. I was wondering if I can get a price list from you. At the moment we are working on many projects in which could be considered.

Beautiful Wall Panel Fabric Acoustic Absorbing Panel for Office Home Decor Sound Panels

There are a wide range of commercial applications like boardroom, hanging acoustical panels for dance room, seminar hall, school conference center, conference rooms, market center, banquet hall project, city council, university library, experimental station, hotel banquet hall project, and so on.

Beautiful Wall Panel Fabric Acoustic Absorbing Panel for Office Home Decor Sound Panels

Our acoustic fabric panels are installed in National Supercomputer (Jinan) Center Lecture Hall, Manila City Hall, Zhuhai Beijing Normal University Conservatory of Music, Vivo Global R&D New Headquarters (Dongguan), Guiyang Maixi International Cinema, Gui'an International Theater, and so on.


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