Imperial College Fully-funded PhD Scholarships

Explore the President's Imperial College Fully-funded Ph.D. Scholarships, a prestigious opportunity for international students

 Imperial College Fully-funded PhD Scholarships

Are you an ambitious undergraduate or Master's student with a passion for cutting-edge research? The President's Imperial College Fully-funded Ph.D. Scholarships at Imperial College London offer a golden opportunity for exceptional international students to embark on a transformative Ph.D. journey. In this article, we'll delve into the details of this prestigious scholarship, its benefits, eligibility criteria, and application process.

Unveiling the President's Ph.D. Scholarships

The President's Ph.D. Scholarships stand as a beacon of academic excellence, providing up to 50 promising research enthusiasts the chance to explore their chosen fields under the mentorship of distinguished supervisors. This coveted opportunity encompasses:

  • Full coverage of tuition fees
  • A generous stipend of £21,400 per annum to support living expenses
  • A consumables fund of £2,000 per annum for the initial 3 years of study
  • Access to tailor-made events and opportunities orchestrated by the esteemed Graduate School
  • Elevate Your Academic Trajectory

Eligibility Criteria:

To be considered for this illustrious scholarship, aspiring candidates must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Hailing from any corner of the world, there are no geographical restrictions.
  • Demonstrating remarkable scholastic prowess, candidates should possess or anticipate a first-class UK undergraduate degree or its equivalent.
  • For those holding a standalone Master's qualification, distinction is the key, or a track record that promises distinction in the making.
  • Overseas degree holders must ascertain the equivalence of their scores/grades to the stipulated criteria.
  • Prior to application, engaging with a dedicated supervisor from an academic department at Imperial College London is essential. Note that each supervisor can guide only one scholar at a time.
  • Navigating the Path to Success

Selection Process

The journey to securing a President's Ph.D. Scholarship involves a meticulous two-stage evaluation:

  • Departments will review candidates meeting or projected to meet eligibility benchmarks. The crème de la crème will be shortlisted for presentation to the Imperial College Selection Panel.
  • The ultimate decision rests with the Imperial College Selection Panel, comprising luminaries like the Vice-Provost (Research) and Faculty Vice-Deans for Research. Awardees will be those who exhibit exceptional potential.

Application Procedure:

  • The roadmap to this exceptional scholarship doesn't necessitate a distinct application form. Simply submit your admission application via Imperial's online admissions system, and your department will propel you into the scholarship race based on your academic distinction and latent capabilities.
  • When crafting your personal statement, ensure it spans approximately 1000 words (maximum 2 pages) and encapsulates your academic journey and envisioned research project. Statements beyond this limit won't be considered by the selection panel. Feel free to refine your statement if needed post-application.
  • To be in contention for the President's Ph.D. Scholarship, remember to select this option in the funding section of the online application form's additional questions tab. Complying with any supplementary application requisites specified by your chosen department is equally imperative.

Embark on a Transformative Journey

In summary, the President's Imperial College Fully-funded Ph.D. Scholarships beckon dedicated minds from across the globe to embrace a scholarly expedition like no other. This prestigious opportunity not only nurtures academic excellence but also fosters a culture of innovation and exploration. Seize this chance to propel your research aspirations to unprecedented heights.


Q1: Are there any restrictions based on nationality for the President's Ph.D. Scholarships?

A1: No, the scholarships are open to talented candidates worldwide, without any nationality restrictions.

Q2: Can current Imperial PhD students apply for this scholarship?

A2: No, the scheme is exclusively for new PhD applicants and isn't open to currently registered Imperial PhD students.

Q3: How do I apply for the President's Ph.D. Scholarship?

A3: There isn't a separate scholarship application form. Submit your admission application to Imperial College London, ensuring you indicate your interest in the President's Ph.D. Scholarship within the funding section.

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