GEO´ PRWire Channel Unlimited Use Program

The Geo´ PR Wire Channel Management Team provide direct, immediate, highly cost-effective access to the entire Geopolitical contacts network including their proprietary userbase of 132k individually named & profiled CLevel influencers and policy makers, across the Banking & Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Technology, Aviation and Maritime industries as well as NGO's and Government Departments Worldwide. A recent userbase survey revealed that they have a collective annual spending power in excess of €370 million.

The team delivers just over 148k Geopolitical news emails every day across our entire Userbase as well as our media base of 28k subscribing Geo-centric Editors, Journalists, Influencers & Bloggers. We further post extensively via our Web 2.0 Network affording us a further reach of 36k subscribers across all the Leading Article, Knowledge & Bookmarking Sites Globally.

We developed our Unlimited Use Program to meet the requirements of larger organisation who distribute their news frequently. We defined our Unlimited Use schedules in Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual membership where frequency delivers our clients substantial savings on our Single Use offering in turn delivering Outstanding ROI. Return to GEO´ -

  • Visibility Google Page 1 within 24 hours Guaranteed! 
  • Audience Named & Profiled Distribution. 
  • Reporting Detailed Metrics Report to calculate ROI. 
  • Guarantee 100% Client Satisfaction
Quarterly Licence


3 Months Access
Direct Access via User Portal
Monthly Metrics Reporting
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Bi-Annual Licence


6 Months Access
Direct Access via User Portal
Monthly Metrics Reporting
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Annual Licence


12 Months Access
Direct Access via User Portal
Monthly Metrics Reporting
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Argus News Network

World Trade Centre
Bayside Road
GX11 1AA

Our Portfolio
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Geopolitics
  • Defence Technology
  • Corporate Security
  • Cybersecurity & Geo Crime
  • Climate & Renewables
  • European Oil & Gas
  • Space & Satellite Technology

No Fake News - EVER!
  • As a bona-fide News Organisation employing only accredited Journalists, Analysts and Correspondents, we NEVER post any material across our portfolio, which hasn't been thoroughly Researched & Fact Checked to ensure its authenticity. In addition we adhere to all nine of NewsGuard´s standards of credibility and transparency.

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